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About Us

Dubai's premier Event Management & Production supplier. Offering artists, models, photographers, actors, wedding planning, and more. Your one-stop solution for unforgettable events, shoots, and exhibitions.


Huntmee’s Mission: As Dubai’s leading event provider, we deliver artists, models, photographers, actors, and wedding planning. Your all-inclusive source for exceptional events, shoots, and exhibitions, crafting unforgettable experiences.


Huntmee’s Vision: To be Dubai’s premier event partner, providing diverse talents, photography, planning services. Your ultimate destination for remarkable events, shoots, and exhibitions, creating lasting memories.


Huntmee is a Service provider for Event Management and Production companies in Dubai. We supply all kind of artists, models, hostess, photographers, videographers, singers, dancers, illusionists, kids artists all under one roof. We also provide actor, actress, production staff for shoots of commercials, ads. We also do wedding planning, small parties, exhibition support.


Khalid Waleed, an enterprising individual, stands as the proud owner of Huntmee, a distinguished event management and production enterprise based in Dubai. With a visionary outlook, Khalid has led Huntmee to become a premier destination for sourcing a plethora of talents, including artists, models, photographers, actors, and more, all seamlessly housed under one roof. His extensive expertise in the industry, combined with a keen understanding of diverse event requirements, has enabled Huntmee to flourish as a one-stop solution for clients seeking remarkable experiences. Khalid’s leadership not only drives the company’s success but also shapes its commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovation. With a dynamic approach and unwavering dedication, Khalid Waleed continues to steer Huntmee towards new heights, leaving an indelible mark on Dubai’s event landscape.

Khalid Waleed

Our Gallery

Explore our captivating gallery showcasing diverse talents, vibrant events, and memorable moments that define Huntmee’s exceptional journey in Dubai.