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Welcome to Hostess Agency in Dubai.

As the hostess agency in Dubai, Huntmee Staffing has earned a reputation as a one-stop shop. You need look no further than Huntmee Staffing, the leading provider of hostesses in Dubai, if you’re searching for an outstanding agency that will assist you in making your event a huge success and who also has extensive knowledge of the Dubai event market. Our staff puts themselves through a thorough screening process to find you the ideal, seasoned, and qualified hostesses who can elevate any occasion.

Our hostesses have great communication skills, are well-mannered, and have received extensive training. They operate with great enthusiasm and try to make every occasion special. We are the ideal hostess agency in Dubai¬†for you whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a product launch.

Since every event is different, Huntmee provides custom solutions to match your particular requirements. In order to make sure that our hostesses are equipped to handle any issue that may happen during the event, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs.

As a seasoned hostess agency in Dubai, Huntmee develops its hostesses to an elite standard, training them in everything from guest greeting and registration assistance to VIP area management and brand promotion through engaging with prospective attendees. They will see to it that your event goes off without a hitch and that each and every attendee feels appreciated and welcomed.

Thus, you need seek no farther than us if you’re searching for a reputable and experienced hostess agency in Dubai. Get in touch with us right now to find out more about our offerings and how we can support the success of your event!

Our Services

Offering Hostess Agency In Dubai artists, models, actors, photography, wedding planning, and more. Elevate events with our comprehensive services for unforgettable experiences in Dubai.

Hostess services In Dubai


Raise your occasions with our enchanting master administrations. Experienced and connecting with, our masters add a bit of class and incredible skill, guaranteeing consistent communications and having an enduring impact on your visitors. Hostess Services In Dubai.



Find our variety of dazzling models, each encapsulating one of a kind magnetism and style. From style to business shoots, our models raise visual narrating, guaranteeing your ventures reverberate with greatness. Allow us to rejuvenate your innovative dreams with the ideal models for your requirements.

Dancer For Events in Dubai


Raise your occasion with our outstanding artists, adding musicality and effortlessness to each second. Our gifted artists bring energy and charming exhibitions that will have an enduring effect on your visitors. Experience the enchantment of development with Huntmee’s dynamic dance experts.



Lift your occasion with our skilled artists. From deep tunes to vivacious exhibitions, our vocalists enrapture crowds, adding a musical touch that resounds with the substance of your event.


Photography & Videography

Catch life’s substance with our Photography and Videography administrations. From open minutes to imaginative dreams, we deify recollections, guaranteeing your occasions and encounters are valued until the end of time.



Lift your occasions with our capable performers. From deep songs to high-energy pulsates, our performers add an enamoring soundtrack to your events, making an extraordinary climate that resounds with the substance of your occasion.

Our Gallery

Investigate our charming display exhibiting different gifts, dynamic occasions, and important minutes that characterize Huntmee’s outstanding excursion in Dubai.

Hostess services In Dubai
Dancer For Events in Dubai
Hostess services In Dubai

About Us

Huntmee is a Service provider for Event Management and Production companies in Dubai. We supply all kind of artists, models, hostess, photographers, videographers, singers, dancers, illusionists, kids artists all under one roof. We also provide actor, actress, production staff for shoots of commercials, ads. We also do wedding planning, small parties, exhibition support.